Why 'Waste' a Collection? Use Tank Telemetry

Posted on 14 Aug 2013
Whether the waste is the by-product of food, beverage or chemical production or something of a more human origin, a tank that is too full can present as much of a business and legal challenge as a tank that is too empty. 
The cost of drivers, insurance, the working time directive and road congestion have all driven up the cost of transporting bulk product. Our customers have also seen that the cost of telemetry reduce dramatically in recent years, greatly increasing the range of businesses which can benefit from Powelectrics highly flexible and low-cost remote tank level telemetry solutions. Powelectrics remote tank level monitoring customers have experienced up to 24% reduction in tanker visits to sites, with all the associated costs.
Tank levels are accurately reported at user defined intervals, using low cost GSM telemetry. Data can be viewed via the web and exported to other business systems, to aid logistics planning and other operational functions.
You have a new ‘service offering’ to retain and gain new customers – reduced administration for them and performance guarantees from you, possibly in return for new contractual terms, longer contracts and exclusivity.
A summary of known benefits of tank level telemetry includes:
  • Reduced distribution costs – only collect from tanks that need emptying, fewer full tank or spillage emergencies, fewer inefficient part-load collections.
  • Fewer at or near capacity panics - always know when to empty your customers tank.
  • Improved customer satisfaction - remove the need for customers to check, send collection requests or worry about reaching capacity.
  • Better sales proposition – a new service to offer customers, which competitors may not offer.
  • Longer term & single source collection contracts – in return for the ‘service’ of installing their telemetry and removing their hassle.
  • More effective internal operations – reduced administration as you will know when to empty tanks and plans will not be overturned by emergencies.
  • More effective sales negotiation - forecasting supply can help you secure the best rates with your own customers.
  • Lower carbon emissions – by planning logistics, driving fewer miles and returning with fuller vehicles, you can statistically demonstrate your commitment to the environmental.
Powelectrics award-winning Metron2 devices are proven and installed internationally. Mains, battery or solar-powered versions can support analogue, digital and pulse inputs, are remotely programmable and can be fully-integrated to in-house software using our open-protocol, or our own Metron View software, for data viewing and manipulation.
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