Inline Magnetic Flowmeter: SDI 852 series

The SDI 852 series of in line flow sensors provide precise In line magnetic flowmeterflow measurement in the range of 0 to 80 litres per minute. The flow rate is display on the 3 digit display on the front of the device.

Details of our Inline Magnetic Flowmeter

The compact size and ease of use make the sensors easy to install in existing configurations.

The magnetic - inductive measuring principle used in these flow sensors require the medium to be electrically conductive- the conductivity needs to be at least 15 us/cm for water, or 10 us/cm for all other fluids. Small bubbles and non-abrasive solids in the liquid only slightly affect the measurement.

The units are installed 'in-line' and can easily be connected via a compression fitting, or we can offer a suitable adaptor (SDA).  

These flowmeters offer both switched and analogue outputs - the switch point and the scaling are easily programmed from the pushbuttons on the front of the sensor - the settings are password protected.

In line magnetic flowmeter, SD852 product information

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