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Powelectrics offer a variety of different Level Sensors and solutions for liquids, solids, slurries and interfaces. The product range includes level sensors and level switches covering a range of technologies. We are experts in remote level monitoring allowing you to view the level readings via the internet using a web browser, to pull data via our API and receive alarms.

Our level sensors can be used in a number of applications including:

We offer both contact and non-contact devices for safe area and ATEX / hazardous applications. As well as remote monitoring solutions we can also provide you with local displays (gauges) and alarms.

Non Contact Level Sensors

Our non contact level sensors are perfect for cases where the content may cause issues when in contact with the sensor, for example manufacturing slurries or waste water. In these cases a Non Contact Level Sensors are perfect, they use ultrasonic sound waves to calculate the level of the tank or vessel without needing to be in contact with the liquid.

Contact Level Sensors

Contact level sensors are when the sensor is in direct contact with the substance being managed. These are most applicable when the substance being measured is not going to cause harm to the sensor. We have a range of different contact level sensors available to suit your specific needs.

Need help with Level Sensors? We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your sensor application further, view your product samples and make our recommendations. Powelectrics are able to offer complete solutions – you may want more than just a Level Sensor. Perhaps you need a complete control system or assistance with installation.

 For up to date Level Sensor information and selection advice, please contact us.

Level Sensors Used in Tanks

Point Level Measurement

Point Level Measurement (or level switches) is when a binary signal is output when the level falls below or exceeds set limits. Our range of Point Level Measurement devices includes remove level alarmscapacitive level switches, ultrasonic non-contact level switches plus much more. 

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Continuous Level Measurement

Our range of Continuous Level Measurement products includes ultrasonic level sensors, hydrosatic level sensors, radar level sensors and guided radar level sensors as well as capacitance level sensors. Improve your inventory management and reduce your operating costs with our Continuous Level Measurement systems.  

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Tank Inventory System

Improve your inventory management and reduce your operating costs with our Tank Inventory Systems. The use of our Metron range has been proven to save 24% of deliveries, sending your tank level readings and alarms by text message, email and even to your ERP system. 

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Remote Tank Gauge

Improve your inventory management and reduce your operating costs with a Remote Tank Gauge system from Powelectrics. These wireless solutions are easy to install, affordable, flexible and can be deployed across the globe.

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