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Powelectrics offer you over 25 years' experience recommending and supplying sensors. We work with over a hundred quality international manufacturers. Withing level we offer our own range of SPS submersible hydrostatic pressure sensors and a broad range of non-contact technologies including radar and ultrasonic to accomodate liquids, solids, slurries and interfaces.

Powelectrics are specialists in connecting sensors to the cloud, so you can receive regular data and alerts to ensure that your processes are performing as they should and production is not interrupted.

For tank level, Powelectrics proprietary Metron technology can accomodate any shape or size of tank and contents may be liquid, gas, powder and even granules.

Our Metron4 m2m telemetry devices are afforable, easily installed and can report data from up to four tanks. Data and alerts are sent wirelessly at user-defined intervals to unlimited authorised users, wherever they have web access... to smart devices, laptops, desktops.

With solar, battery and external power options, compact IP67 enclosure and operational temperatures - 25 to +65°C, Metron4 is extremely versatile. This highly affordable IoT unit supports 2G and 4G for global deployment, even where 2G is switched off. For more information on our robust and reliable Metron4 range of telemetry devices click here.


Our SPS series of robust and affordable level sensors offers simple installation, proven reliability and great value. With option available for ATEX, hygienic and aggressive applications, they are widely used for fuels, water, waste, lubricants, chemicals and foodstuffs. For more information on our affordable range of SPS level sensors, click here.

For certain level monitoring applications you may need non-contact sensors. Powelectrics offer sensor advice and supply high quality products from over a hundred international manufacturers. We can advise you on radar, ultrasonic and other options.

MetronView is our standalone cloud, with customisable dashboards, reporting & alarms. It is a highly secure and scalable IoT solution, processing millions of readings daily and offers an API, so data can be collected by other data platforms. More here.


For bulk collecion and distribution applications, Powelectrics offer a bespoke portal, MetronTMS. Thresholds can be configured for individual tanks to alert customers when tanks are reaching amber and red alert low levels and even predict when individual tanks will need filling, based on recent usage. Theft and leakage alerts can also be set up. Tanks can be plotted on a map, by colour code and postcode to enable efficient logistics planning. More here.

There are several application stories in our news section level monitoring. Click here.

For futher information or to discuss your applications, call us on 01827 310 666, use this contact form or send us an email - sales@powelectrics.co.uk

Point Level Measurement

Point Level Measurement (or level switches) is when a binary signal is output when the level falls below or exceeds set limits. Our range of Point Level Measurement devices includes remove level alarmscapacitive level switches, ultrasonic non-contact level switches plus much more. 

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Continuous Level Measurement

Our range of Continuous Level Measurement products includes ultrasonic level sensors, hydrosatic level sensors, radar level sensors and guided radar level sensors as well as capacitance level sensors. Improve your inventory management and reduce your operating costs with our Continuous Level Measurement systems.  

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Tank Inventory System

Remote Inventory Management/ Vendor Managed Inventory/ VMI  is the use of remote level sensing technology to measure and report the level of any type of substance, to significantly reduce the cost of bulk distribution (fuel, oil, AdBlue) and collection (waste, recycling). 

By knowing when a tank needs attention, efficient logistics can be planned and costs reduced. No wasted journies, panic deliveries/collections or part load returns.


Moreover, service and supply contracts can be won and retained by offering enhanced service levels to end-users and removing the responsibility for them to check their own levels and arrange deliveries/collections.


Personal, process and environmental safety is also protected by avoiding run-outs and overspills as well as maximising margins by avoiding the need to stop production.


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Remote Tank Level Monitoring

Whether you have a single tank, a tank farm or you distribute or collect gases, liquids, powders or granules in bulk, then Powelectrics can offer you a remote monitoring solution. Our tank level monitoring projects include fuel oil, biofuels, AdBlue, lubricants, coolants, cryogas, LPG, waste products, chemicals including water additives, agrochemicals, animal feeds, food and beverages. We offer bespoke solutions for environments with an explosive atmosphere (ATEX).
Avoid wasted journeys, panic deliveries/collections or part load returns. Personal, process and environmental safety is also protected by avoiding run-outs and overspills as well as maximising margins by avoiding the need to stop production


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