Capacitance Level Sensors

Inverse frequency shift Capacitance Level Sensors incorporate a unique frequency-based approach to level measurement. The capacitance units monitor the effect of capacitance based on frequency change. The relationship between capacitance and frequency is inverse. Because small level changes result in a large frequency change, the result is excellent resolution and accuracy.

Capacitance Level Sensor Components

Inverse frequency shift capacitance level sensors require two components: a reference electrode of a variable capacitor and the measurement electrode. In capacitive level measurement, the environment (typically the vessel wall) acts as the reference electrode, while the probe supplies the measurement electrode. The dielectric is composed of the vessel contents and, if the measurement electrode is insulated, the insulating layer.

Capacitance is affected by the surface area of the electrodes, the separation distance between the electrodes and the dielectric constant of the vessel contents. The dielectric constant is the measure of a material’s ability to store energy. The relative dielectric constant of air (vacuum) is 1; all other materials have a higher value.

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