Continuous Level Measurement

Our range of Continuous Level Measurement products includes ultrasonic level sensorshydrosatic level sensorsradar level sensors and guided radar level sensors as well as capacitance level sensors.

Inventory Management

Improve your inventory management and reduce your operating costs - the use of our Metron range has been proven to save 24% of deliveries. The Metron2 can wirelessly send you alarms when your tanks are getting empty or full. The Metron2 will interface to a variety of level switches to send alarms from remote locations to you by text message, email and even to your ERP system.

Continuous Level Measurement in Tanks

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Powelectrics are able to offer complete solutions –you may want more than just a Continuous Level Measurement device. Perhaps you need a complete control system or assistance with installation. You may want other Level Sensors to complete the solution. Powelectrics are capable of offering high quality solutions.

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The Metron2 as a remote level gauge

You can use the Metron2 as a remote level gauge. The telemetry device will interface to a range of level sensors, providing them with power. View more details of our Metron2 Remote Level Gauge.

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Affordable Hydrostatic Level Sensors: SPS Series

The SPS series of Affordable Level Sensors suit a wide range of applications and offer simple installation and long term stability

As well as the basic units we have versions that combine temperature and level sensors, others with PTFE cable and 316 stainless steel to suit some more agggressive applications, ATEX approved level sensors and sensors for harsh environments.

Applications include tank level monitoring (for fuels, chemicals, animal feed, fertiliser and more), river level monitoring, reservoir level monitoring andborehole level monitoring.

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Continuous Level Measurement:

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