Point Level Measurement

Point Level Measurement (or level switches) is when a binary signal is output when the level falls below or exceeds set limits. Our range of Point Level Measurement devices includes capacitive level switches, ultrasonic non-contact level switches, rotary paddle level switches and vibrating point level switches.

You could use our GSM Remote Telemetry Units to send you alarms wirelessly to help with your inventory management and stock control.

Need help with Point Level Measurement?

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your application further, view your product samples and make our recommendations.

Powelectrics are able to offer complete solutions –you may want more than just a Point Level Measurement device. Perhaps you need a complete control system or assistance with installation. You may want other Level Sensors to complete the solution. Powelectrics are capable of offering high quality solutions.

For up to date Point Level Measurement information and selection advise please contact us today on 01827 310 666 or fill out our online enquiry form.

Remote Level Alarm

Improve your inventory management and reduce your operating costs with a Remote Level Alarm system. Our Metron4 m2m telemetry devices are afforable, easily installed and can report data from up to four sensors. As well as regular data, alerts can be set up to alert you when high or low level user-defined thresholds are crossed, to unlimited authorised users, wherever they have web access... to smart devices, laptops, desktops. For more information on our robust and reliable Metron4 range of telemetry devices click here.


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Capacitance Level Switches

Powelectrics offer you 30 years' experience recommending and supplying sensors. We work with over a hundred quality international manufacturers.

Capacitance Level Switches and level controllers have no moving parts and are available in various versions which are extremely resistant to soiling. Capacitive level switches are available for gases to -200 °C as well as hot glue up to +230 °C.

For further information or to discuss your applications, call us on +44 (0) 1827 310 666, use this contact form or send us an email - sales@powelectrics.co.uk

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