Ultrasonic Level Sensors

Our range of Ultrasonic Level Sensors are a very cost-effective choice for monitoring the level of liquids, slurries, and solids. These sensors are mounted above the product looking down. They transmit an ultrasonic pulse and time how long it takes for it to travel to the surface and back again. The longer it takes the greater the distance.  They are great when you have products you don't want to make contact with such as milk and foodstuffs as well as various chemicals and other products.

Details of our Ultrasonic Level Sensors

Our range of ultrasonic level measurement products is extensive. The features vary across the portfolio. Please tell us more about you application and we offer the most suitable solution.

Certain sensors include "Time Vary Threshold (TVT)" and "Sonic Intelligence" to ensure optimum performance and makes it possible to use these ultrasonic level sensors in applications where others fail. It is very easy to filter out obstructions, such as ladders, and the sensor faces are self cleaning to remove the effects of condensation.

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