Archived Laser Sensors

Laser beam sensors, LBS M 34 series

The LBS M 34 series of laser beam sensor are perfect for tracking edges, taking width measurements, diameter control and even opacity measurement in liquids. There are several different slit designs available

The laser beam sensor LBS-M-34 consists of an transmitter and a receiver unit. A parallel laser line is produced by the optics and the slit diaphragm. An analogue signal proportional to the amount of shading is output from the sensor.

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Laser sensors, LDS 500 series

Laser sensors for outdoor use with ranges to 500mm, and a resolution of +/- 1.5mm.


LDS 500 series laser sensors data sheet

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Laser sensors, LDS 400 seril_childrens

The LDS 400 series of laser distance sensors have ranges from 4 metres to 100 metres and have 2 switching outputs. The resolution is approximately 1mm and they are easily set up using the teach in function.

LDS 400 laser distance sensor data sheet

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Laser sensors, LDS 100 series

Long range laser sensor with a small spot diameter and a high resolution. The reduced temperature and dual sensor capability make these units ideal for hot metal applications.

The sensing ranges are from 30 to 2000mm, with resolutions down to 0.5nm. These are very high performance sensors with serial and analogue output options.

LDS 100 series laser distance sensor data sheet



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Laser sensors, LDS 85 series

The LDS 85 is a laser distance sensor with multifunctional features - they are configured using the 'teachin buttons' or by software which is included. You can configure programmable limits, various filter modes and even the syncronisation of two sensors for thickness measurement.

 Ranges from 2 to 750mm are available, and the output options include 4-20mA, 0-10 Vdc and RS422.

LDS 85 laser distance sensors data sheet

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Laser Distance Sensor, LD 70/250 series

With a resolution > 50um and a measuring range of 250 mm this laser distance sensor can take 1000 measurements per second. The laser sensor is very small, measuring just 65 x 50 x 20mm.

The Laser triangulation Sensor LDS 70 is based on the latest CCD technology and works with a visible red laser. The measurements are linearised by a internal signal processor which makes the sensor very accurate and independent of the colour of the surface material.

LDS 70/250 datasheet

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