Capacitive Label Sensors

Capacitive Label SensorsCapacitive Label Sensors enable the detection of all types of labels including metallic ones and provide high switching frequencies. The auto teach in function allows for quick setup and means you can change during the operation. There is also the option to use remote teach in. The Capacitive Label Sensors include temperature and humidity compensation and the separable casing allows for quick and easy cleaning.

Capacitive Label Sensors KSSTI

Capacitive Label Sensors KSSTI are great all-rounder’s when it comes to detecting labels. Further fields of application are the detection of double layers, bonding points as well as the examination of cracks in the layer material. Moreover, the functional range has been enlarged by the new capacitive label sensor KSSTI 1000/80 … for detecting metallised or partially metallised labels.

Capacitive Label Sensor Operation

The operation of the auto teach-versions is user-friendly by means of teach keys. The taught-in values will be saved and are even not lost in case of any power failure. Even the smallest labels will be detected without exact positioning by a simple passing the sensor slot within a dynamic time frame. You can set the duration of the time frame yourself with all remote teach models. Additionally, these models offer a blocking of the teach key integrated in the sensor.

The output function (NO/NC) can also be selected using a potentiometer.

All the label sensors have a robust metal casing, the current operating state will be shown through LEDs at any time.

High Accuracy Sensors

The patented evaluation of two measuring systems guarantees the high accuracy and resolution of the label sensors KSSTI even when there are changes in humidity and ambient temperature (pict.1).A further advantage is the simple and quick cleaning of the detection area thanks to the Capacitive Label Sensors detachable upper part (pict.2). The base plate of the Capacitive Label Sensors remains mounted, user-friendly. There is therefore no need to re-adjust the label sensors.

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Capacitive Label Sensors

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