FS 12-100 Colour Sensors

colour sensor FS 12 100

Colour sensors for industrial colour measurement and colour identification in virtually all automation applications with the precision of the human eyeThe FS 12-100 Colour Sensors can identify and analyse not only colour changes, but also different surface structures.

Long Term Stabilisation

The integrated long-term stabilisation ensures reliable processes over an extended period without manual readjustment. Integrated light compensation allows the colour sensors to be used in varying light conditions.

The FS 12-100 Colour Sensors are available with different lens elements, luminous power ratings and measuring channels, to allow users to choose the ideal version for their individual application. Standard parameters for all di-soric colour sensors can be configured by control buttons and a common software platform allows advanced configuration.

FS 12-100 Colour Sensor Features

  • Up to 350 colour channels
  • Integrated long-term stability
  • Distinction of smallest shades
  • Short response time
  • Adjustable colour tolerance
  • Parameterization by buttons and software
  • Key-lock function
  • High ambient light compensation
  • Exportable measured values for evaluations (.csv)

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