Fork Sensors

fork sensorsWe are pleased to be able to offer to you the widest range of Fork Sensors and Fork Light Barriers on the market. Often referred to as slot sensors, they operate as through beam sensors, but with the transmitter, receiver and all the electronics in one robust metal casing for quick and simple installation.

Precise Fork Sensors

With our Fork Sensors there is no need for complex mounting brackets or mechanical adjustment. Very small parts can be very precisely positioned and very fast movements reliably detected, thanks to the high switching frequency, the short response time and the high resolution. Our Fork Sensors are rugged, compact and easily installed.  

Fork Sensor Applications

Typical applications for Fork Sensors include conveyors, small parts detection, positioning of a robot arm, cap detection on bottles, and general manufacturing. Many Fork Sensors include safe Class I visible laser light sources that feature very small diameter spot sizes (<0.5 mm). This style of Fork Sensor is used for detection of very small parts, such as electronic components or small fixings from bowl feeders.

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LLGT 081 Fork Light Barrier

The LLGT 081 Fork Light Barrier is simple to set up, highly accurate and has an analogue measuring range of 0 > 25mm. 

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Fork Sensor Features

Our extenisve range of fork sensors benefit from a range of features. View our Fork Sensor Features online. 

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OGY 17 Series Fork Sensor

The OGY 17 Series Fork Sensors are used to control flow and include flow detection for glass plungers.

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LGUP V4A Fork Sensors; Stainless Steel Housing

The LGUP V4A Fork Sensors and Laser Fork Light Barriers come in stainless steel housing making them suitable for use in the pharmaceutical, beverage and food industries. 

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OGU V4A Fork Sensors; Stainless Steel Housing

The OGU V4A Fork Sensors and Fork Light Barriers are sensitivity adjustable and have a high operating frequency perfect for the food industry. 

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LGU Fork Sensors; High Resolution

The LGU Fork Sensors & Laser Fork Light Barriers come with a high resolution and reproducibility of 0.01mm.

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