Label Sensors

At Powelectrics we are pleased to offer a wide range of Label Sensors that will safely and accurately detect the position of most types of labels. The Optical Label Sensors have a high operating frequency, a short response time and high resolution.

Label Sensor Flexibility

Capacitive Label Sensors are offer great flexibility as they can detect all metallic, part-metallic, non-metallic or transparent labels types. Further fields of application are the detection of double layers and bonding points as well as the examination of cracks.

Thanks to the intelligent auto-teach procedure, there are now new applications that can be addressed with our impressive range of label sensors.

Innovative Label Sensors

These new Optical and Capacitive Label Sensors meet all current labelling machine manufacturers’ and users’ demands. Innovative Label Sensor technology, maximum ease of operation and reliability speak for themselves.

For more information and the best advice regarding Label Sensors contact us direct on 01827 310 666.

Label Sensors

Optical Label Sensors

Optical Label Sensors OGU and OGUTI are characterised by a high operating frequency, a short response time and a high resolution.

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Capacitive Label Sensors

Capacitive Label Sensors enable the detection of all types of labels including metallic ones and provide high switching frquencies. The auto teach in function allows for quick setup and means you can change during the operation. 

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Label Sensor Product Finder

Use our Label Sensor Product Finder to find the perfect product for your application. 

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