Laser Distance Sensors

laser distance sensorsPowelectrics offer a series of Laser Distance Sensors for a wide variety of applications. Sensors, such as Laser Distance Sensors, Laser Distance Sensor Micrometers and Laser Beam Sensors measure distance and detect objects with high precision without contact.

Uses of Laser Distance Sensors

Laser Distance Sensors are used for precise measuring of distances down to the millimetre at diverse ranges. Laser Distance Sensors are used for:

Laser Distance Sensors are highly precise and dynamic, as well as being easy to set up thanks to the visible laser beam. For more information or to order your Laser Distance Sensors please contact us today on 01827 310 666.

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Applications of Laser Distance Sensors

Below are a few examples of Laser Distance Sensor applications - for loop / tension control; accurate measurement; checking for imbalance on a rotating part and distance measuring in automated production.

Laser Distance Sensors

LHT 9-45 Laser Distance Sensors

LHT 9-45 Laser Distance Sensors operate based on the light propagation time principle. Due to the high reproducibility and precision, they are used for positioning floor conveyors in high-bay warehouses, for speed regulation and for preventing collisions in electric suspended railways.

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LAT 61 Laser Distance Sensors

LAT 61 Laser Distance Sensor features an extremely high resolution with a small beam diameter. Thanks to the light design together with the high protection class, those devices are suited for direct mounting on movable machine parts such as robot arms.

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LAT 51 Laser Distance Sensors

LAT 51 Laser Distance Sensor operates on the triangulation method. The distance to the object is measured irrespective of the surface texture of the object and output as a standard analog signal. 

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Archived Laser Sensors

View our Archived Laser Sensor pages for more information. 

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