LAT 51 Laser Distance Sensors

Laser distance senosr LAT51 LAT 51 Laser Distance Sensors operate based on the triangulation methodThe distance to the object is measured irrespective of LAT 51 Laser Distance Sensor surface texture of the object and output as a standard analogue signal.

The usable analogue acquisition range can be precisely defined by means of a user-friendly teach-in function. If an object is within this range, the output also includes a switch signal.

The integrated electronic analysis circuitry is housed in a robust metal housing. Simply structured yet highly effective, the auto-teach process allows the user to program the respective measuring range and the switching range with the press of a single button.

Transmission Power Adjustment

Thanks to a highly responsive transmission power adjustment system, the signal sequences transmitted through the output will remain identical, even if the surfaces vary greatly. An additional switch output signals whether the object to be measured is within the programmed measuring range. Capable of foreground + background suppression, this switch output can also single-handedly provide the solution in a great number of applications. An external control line can be used to both start the external auto-teach process and enable the key lock function.

LAT 51 Laser Distance Sensor Features

  • Large detection range
  • Exactly linearized object detection
  • Digital and analogue output
  • Remote teach option with key-lock function
  • Red light laser, clocked with small laser spot
  • Robust metal casing
  • High protection class

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