Laser Micrometers

The LLGT 081 laser micrometer is a high-resolution laser line fork light barrier that can be used to detect and analyse even minimal dimensional deviations.  A special lens projects a fine, parallel laser beam onto a high-resolution CMOS line.

Features of the LLGT 081 Laser Micrometer

The fork design of these units eliminates the need for time-consuming alignment of the transmitter and receiver. The 1st device of this family has a 25mm measuring range and a separation distance (emitter to receiver) of 80mm. The device has a resolution of 20µm.

Di-soric developed the device having seen a clear gap in the market for a device that combines high accuracy and low cost. The sensor emits a parallel laser light beam which is projected onto a high-resolution CMOS receiver.

•    Large measuring range
•    Teach facility
•    Invertible switching outputs
•    Universal mounting possibility
•    Analogue output
•    Robust metal housing

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