Laser sensors, LDS 85 series

The LDS 85 is a laser distance sensor with multifunctional features - they are configured using the 'teachin buttons' or by software which is included. You can configure programmable limits, various filter modes and even the syncronisation of two sensors for thickness measurement.

 Ranges from 2 to 750mm are available, and the output options include 4-20mA, 0-10 Vdc and RS422.

The LDS 85 series of laser diustance sensors use a triangulation principle whereby a laser diode projects a small spot of light onto the surface of the target. The reflected light is received by the sensor and projected onto a position sensitive CCD array. If the distance between the target and the sensor changes the poistion of the spot on the CCD array changes. The measurements are processed digitally in the integral controller, and then output.

Despite its compact dimensions the LDS laser distance sensor has integral electronics. The LDS85 has been used in many and varied applications, such as contour profiling on catalytic convertors, precise measurement of machined partsfor quality assurance purposes, thickness measurement, for checking pins in microelectronic components are positioned corretly, checking the shap of wheels, profiling surfaces, checking parts are correctly positioned during a production process, and even checking the distance of a vehicle to the road surface.


LDS 85 laser distance sensors data sheet