Colour sensor LT1-STB

The colour sensor works with a a fibre optic cable projecting colour senosr for tax strip setectionmodulated bright white light from an LED onto the tarket. This product is well suited to checking the "tax strip" on a cigarette box. Some of the light that is reflected from the target back into the fibre optic cable onto a perceptive True-
Colour-sensitive detector.

The received light is separated to RGB and transfered into XYZ, L*a*b or L*u*v. The colour sensor can be interrogated via RS232 colorCONTROL LT/B software.

Up to 255 colors can be stored in the sensor. If one of the Teached-In colours is detected the a digital output can be switched. The colour senosr can be programmed by the Teach In method either by an operator or by an external trigge.


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