Ring Light Barriers

Ring Light BarriersOur Ring Light Barriers are the ideal solution for detecting metallic or non-metallic parts. A number of photocells form a light curtain (light corridor) and detect parts as small as 0.7 mm.

Applications of Ring Light Barriers

Typical applications of Ring Light Barriers include counting very small parts, the length measurement of parts at a constant feed speed and checking for the ejection of parts to protect tools on presses and punches. Patented technical specialties, sturdy casings and height protection classes feature in these frame light barriers and sensors.

Ring Light Barrier Specifications

  • High resolution
  • Short response time
  • Static/dynamic switchable
  • Pulse stretching adjustable
  • Detection of metallic and non-metallic parts
  • Adapter rings for most common tube sizes
  • Integrated evaluation electronics

How Ring Light Barriers work

 Ring Light Barriers

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