Capacitive Proximity Sensors

Capacitive Proximity SensorsPowelectrics offers a wide range of Capacitive Proximity Sensors for use in extreme Environments and Applications.

Why choose Capacitive Proximity Sensors

Capacitive Proximity Sensors work with a high frequency oscillating circuit that creates an electromagnetic field on the active sensor surface by means of a capacitor. When a substantial or fluid substance nears this field a capacitance unbalance occurs and leads to a variation of the amplification in the oscillating circuit. If this amplification exceeds a threshold value, a switching signal is generated

Powelectrics Capacitive Proximity Sensors

Here at Powelectrics we are able to offer a wide range of Capacitive Proximity Sensors from a number of manufacturers. Our experts will offer the most suitable Proximity Sensor for your application.

For more detailed information regarding Capacitive Proximity Sensors pleas e contact us direct on 01827 310 666 or fill out our online enquiry form.

Di-soric Capacitive Proximity Switches

Here at Powelectrics we offer a range of Di-soric Capacitive Proximity Switches for use in extreme environments and applications. 

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EGE Capacitive Proximity Switches

EGE Capacitive Proximity Switches are available as IP 69K sensors up to 90 °C and well suited for corrosive environments. High temperature switches for temperatures up to 200 °C are available as well.

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