Inductive Proximity Sensors

Inductive Proximity Sensors

Powelectrics offers a wide range of Inductive Proximity Sensors for use in extreme Environments and Applications.

What are Inductive Proximity Sensors?

An Inductive Proximity Sensor works with a high frequency oscillating circuit that creates an alternating electromagnetic field on the active sensor surface by means of a coil. When a metallic object nears this field a damping occurs in the oscillating circuit. If this damping exceeds a threshold value, a switching signal is generated.

Basically Inductive Proximity Sensors detect metal - in general the bigger the Inductive Proximity Sensor the longer the range.

Powelectrics Inductive Proximity Sensors

We have a wide range of suppliers and many different options - the easiest way to find the best Inductive Proximity Sensor is to contact us with your requirements and we will put forward what we consider to be the most appropriate for your needs.

For more detailed information regarding Inductive Proximity Sensors please contact us direct on 01827 310 666 or fill out ouronline enquiry form.

Di-soric Inductive Proximity Switches

Powelectrics offer a wide range of Di-soric Inductive Proximity Switches for use in extreme environments & applications. View our Di-soric Inductive Proximity Switches online.

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EGE Inductive Proximity Switches

EGE Inductive Proximity Switches for special applications. Focus is on TROPICAL switches which exceed IP 69K with a temperature range up to 120°C and is optimally suited for corrosive environments. High temperature switches up to 160°C  are also available.

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