Photoelectric Proximity Sensors

Photoelectric Proximity Sensors Powelectrics offers a wide range of Photoelectric Proximity Sensors for use in extreme Environments and Applications.

Photoelectric Proximity Sensors, whether they diffuse, retro-reflective or through-beam, incorporate a light emitter and a receiver. In all but through beam types, the emitter and receiver are housed in a single sensor unit.

Applications of Photoelectric Proximity Sensors

Typical applications for Photoelectric Proximity Sensors include:

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Optical Sensors

Our experience ensures you get the best Optical Sensor for your application, whether it be measuring distances, checking profiles, looking at surface thickness, counting objects, edge control, tension control,  the list goes on!

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Laser Distance Sensors

A series of Laser Distance Sensors for a wide variety of applications. Laser sensors, such as laser distance sensors, laser micrometers and laser beam sensors, measure distance and detect objects with high precision without contact.

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Fork Sensors

We are pleased to be able to offer to you the widest range of Fork Sensors and fork light barriers on the market.  Often referred to as slot sensors, they operate as through beam sensors, but with the transmitter, receiver and all the electronics in one robust metal casing for quick and simple installation.   

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