Ultrasonic Proximity Sensors

Ultrasonic Proximity Sensors Powelectrics offers a wide range of Ultrasonic Proximity Sensors for use in extreme environments and applications.

Ultrasonic Proximity Sensors use the time of flight measurement principle of ultrasonic pulses in order to accurately and repeatedly determine the position and distances of objects in automatic processes.

Specially coded ultrasonic signals are transmitted in a set pattern and then reflected by the target object. This reflected signal is then received by the sensor and decoded. The recorded time of flight is temperature compensated and converted to distance.

Uses of Ultrasonic Proximity Sensors

Ultrasonic Proximity Sensors are used for many different tasks, including:

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M8 Miniature Ultrasonic Sensors

We are pleased to announce the arrival of a new miniature ultrasonic sednosr from diSoric with built in intelligence. When Powelectrics first started selling ultrasonic sensors, the smallest available was an M30 housing. It was a breakthrough when the M18 was launched, then the M12. The latest in the Disoric range of ultrasonics sensors is in an M8 housing.

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P43 Ultrasonic Distance Sensors

P43 Ultrasonic Distance Sensors that are cost effective, compact, powerful, high resolution, reliable and robustThese ultrasonic sensors are optimised for reliable non contact measurement of distance, level, diameter & presence in rough industrial environments.

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