Power Monitoring Systems

Eco Power Meters

With the KW1M series Eco-POWER METER Power Monitoring System we offer the basis for an intelligent and modern energy management system.

Power Consumption Meter

Energy consumption is identified efficiently and energy requirements of the various sub processes are made transparent. The KW1M Eco-POWER METER can thus quickly provide you with your first overview of where energy can be saved. By constantly monitoring your energy use, you can accumulate significant reference values that will allow you to implement reasonable and realistic measures for optimisation.

Industrial Power Meters

Even without a current transformer, the Panasonic KW1M Eco-POWER METER, which consumes less power itself than its predecessor, can be hooked up directly to industrial 400V AC networks.

The display can be switched between energy use and energy cost, and even CO2 values can be displayed if desired! Besides values for current and voltage, active power, frequency and power factor can be displayed. The internal calendar for energy consumption records values by hour, week and month.

The Eco-POWER METER can be connected to a main control station and PLCs via an integrated RS485 interface (Modbus/RTU, MEWTOCOL). All values can easily be displayed on your PC with the software “KW Monitor”. The software can be downloaded from our Web site free of charge.

The KW1M-H Eco-POWER METER includes a slot for an SD/SDHC card. Measurement values can be saved in CSV format and graphically displayed using the software “KW View”. In case of power failure, the built-in battery buffers measurement values and the time. Of course, the KW1M series is easy to install and can be mounted using screws or on a DIN rail.

Applications of our Power Monitoring Systems

Possible applications and project areas ideal for power consumption meters include:

  • Manufacturing and process automation
  • Building automation
  • Monitoring of air conditioners and cooling devices, e.g. in the food and beverage industry, in grocery stores and shopping malls
  • Public facilities such as swimming pools, schools, universities, etc.

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