Flexible wireless communications with the Metron2

The Metron2 can talk wirelessly using the globally adopted GSM mobile phone network, utilising both gprs and sms to suit the application.

Wire Free Telemetry

The Metron2 supports a range of protocols ensuring Powelectrics wire free telemetry solutions are not just suited to your needs but also to your budget and expertise. From hosted software solutions where you view the data via the internet to software installations with ERP and SCADA interface we have it all.

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Detailed information on the Metron2

The Metron 2 is a single box telemetry solution with four inputs (each with its own power supply for the sensor) and two contact outputs. It is intended to simplify the process of choosing, setting up and operating a telemetry system. View more details on our Metron2 Telemetry

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Web Based Data Collection for Telemetry

View readings from your sensors, machines, meters and more via the internet using your computer, smart phone or tablet. Receive alarms when thresholds are breached. Manage devices, reconfiguring the scaling, the time intervals and more. Interface the data to your software applications. Available as a hosted service, Metron VIEWis primarily used in conjuction with our Metron telemetry devices but we can easily integrate with 3rd party hardware.

As the interface is purely web based then all you need to view and export their data is a simple web browser meaning that you have a simple web based data acquisition solution.

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