GSM Telemetry

Gather information and alarms from your remote assets using GSM Telemetry. GSM Telemetry helps improve customer service and drive down operational costs, saving fuel, reducing CO2 emissions and improving production scheduling.


  Telemetry and the Internet of Things



Powelectrics GSM Telemetry

Powelectrics GSM Telemetry is affordable, reliable, flexible and powerful, with innovative award winning designs ensuring you get wire free remote monitoring solutions that meet your needs.

Possibilities with are GSM Telemetry are almost endless. We have units for: 

 Our GSM Telemetry can also be used for mobile asset monitoring with GPS capable devices.

GSM Telemetry Experience

With two decades of GSM Telemetry experience in a wide range of applications and an excellent product portfolio, we are sure to have a solution that meets your needs. We supply GSM Telemetry units all over the world. Contact us today to discuss your requirements on 01827 310 666


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