Metron Atex

The Metron ATEX reduces distribution costs and improves customer service in the LPG sector. Did you know that 86% of deliveries when there is no telemetry fitted are inefficient and by fitting the METRON ATEX you can immediately make savings use telemetry

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Tank Level Monitoring

The METRON ATEX can help you do this and provides you with the most afforable & reliable solution for your remote tank level monitoring application.

Several factors have caused the cost of transporting product in bulk to escalate, whereas the cost of telemetry has reduced and coupled with the advancements in technology, this makes the solutions more viable. The GSM network allows easy installation without the need of a fixed phone line and ensures complete control with improved reliability so you do not have to rely on someone physically checking the level or forgetting to take a reading as tank levels are automatically read by a machine. In turn, the automated measurements will enable the supplier or vendor to control the amount delivered and arrange the time of delivery to suit your requirements, so they become responsible for managing customer supplies.

Affordable Tank Level Monitoring

What makes the METRON ATEX is the most affordable & reliable solution for remote tank level monitoring..?

  1. Wireless communications makes installation quick and easy - METRON ATEX units are easily installed by tanker drivers in minutes, with no access to the customer premises.
  2. Multiple inputs means just one device is needed on multiple tank sites - you may not have many multiple tank sites but even just a few can increase the hardware requirement in your project.
  3. Multiple inputs means you only need one sim card for each site.
  4. GPRS communications means the lowest cost possible - text messages may not cost much but they cost something. GPRS is free.
  5. GPRS communications means you can have a tank level readings every day, not once a week. Consumption can be unpredictable so daily transmissions ensure you keep this unpredictability under control.
  6. Long battery life means maintenance is kept to a minimum.
  7. Long battery life means you can have tank level readings every day.
  8. Flexible software offerings means you are not burdened with expensive long term contracts.

Inventory Management Process

The number of people involved in the inventory management process is reduced as is the number of mistakes and accidents; for there will be no need to climb on top of the tanks to check levels hence there is a lesser risk of employee injuries and compensation claims.

If you would like more information regarding the Metron Atex and how it can help improve your business today then contact our office on 01827 310 666. Why not take a look at our brochure:

Tank level telemetry solutions brochure 

Who benefits most from the installation of telemetry on customers tanks..?