The Metron2 as a remote level gauge

You can use the Metron2 as a remote level gauge. The telemetry device will interface to a range of level sensors, providing them with power. As well as being able to display the level readings locally, it can send the readings wirelessly to your mobile phone or to a computer.

The Metron2 can be powered from an integral battery or we can supply a solar cell meaning that you do not need to have power near your tank. The Metron2 lowers the cost of telemetry making more remote tank level gauging applications viable, or reducing the costs of existing users.

Metron2 Wireless Communication

  1. Wireless communications makes installation quick and easy - METRON units are easily installed in minutes, with no access to the customer premises.
  2. Multiple inputs means just one device is needed on multiple tank sites - you may not have many multiple tank sites but even just a few can increase the hardware requirement in your project.
  3. Multiple inputs means you only need one sim card for each site.
  4. GPRS communications means the lowest cost possible - text messages may not cost much but they cost something. GPRS is free.
  5. GPRS communications means you can have a tank level readings every day, not once a week. Consumption can be unpredictable so daily transmissions ensure you keep this unpredictability under control.
  6. Long battery life means maintenance is kept to a minimum.
  7. Long battery life means you can have tank level readings every day.
  8. Flexible software offerings means you are not burdened with expensive long term contracts.
  9. Our flexible approach ensures you get what you want, with interfaces to SAP and other ERP systems the level readings can be brought into your IT infrastructure and savings can be made straight away.

Benefits of our Metron2 Remote Level Gauge

Our solutions have been proven to save 24% of deliveries, but there are other benefits too.

Contact us today to see how we can improve your logistics and ensure customer satisfaction with our Metron2 telemetry systems. Call us direct on 01827 310 666 or fill out our online enquiry form

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The integral display on the Metron2

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