LPG Tank Monitoring System

The Metron ATEX GSM Telemetry device

The Metron ATEX has been proven to save 24% of deliveries, improving efficiencies and driving down costs whilst at the same time increasing customer satisfaction & retention and lowering CO2 emissions.

LPG Tank Level Monitoring

The Metron ATEX is easily installed without access into the customers property. Long battery life, low cost communications and multi-tank monitoring capabilities make the Metron ATEX the lowest cost solution for remote LPG tank monitoring.

Installation is quick and easy and the reliability is high, whilst the flexibility of Powelectrics ensures you get what you need from your tank level telemetry project.

 Tank Monitoring System
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Tank Monitoring System


The IN4MA Metron ATEX is a high quality but affordable telemetry device well suited to LPG tank level montoring, giving high reliability and low running costs. It has a long battery life and can monitor up to 6 tanks on one site.

Wireless Remote Monitoring

Communication is via the mobile phone network, so you don't need access to anything other than the tank itself and customers cannot inadvertently interrupt communication by unplugging the phone line, as with land line solutions. The Metron powers the level sensor, takes a reading, and then sends the reading. We can send you alarms by text message or email if the tank level is getting low.

The unit has in-built diagnostics for ease of use, is locally and remotely programmable and has an exceptional battery life of around three years. The unit draws just 3.3 micro amps and intelligently pulls current from the battery in order to provide power to the GSM engine as required.Tank Monitoring System

The intelligent power control not only ensures the maximum possible battery life is achieved but also provides the strongest signal to the mobile network, especially when using GPRS. The Metron works with Metron VIEW. This is a web based data acquisition solution. The data is sent from the Metron to Metron VIEW. The user logs onto a secure web site, select the unit he wants to view data from, the tanks they want to view and the date range, and then create a suitable report. It is quick to setup, requires no IT support and the costs are applied on a monthly basis (no up front software or hardware costs).

Data Collection System

We provide the facility to collect your data so you can view on the internet but you can also automatically collect the data and then interface automatically int your business systems. This makes the chance of getting significant payback a lot higher. We have 2 low level alarms (re-order and critical) and these can be set differently for each tank - we can send you emails and text messages if a tank is getting low so you can then become reactive rather than pro-active. 


Web Based Data Collection for Telemetry

View readings from your sensors, machines, meters and more via the internet using your computer, smart phone or tablet. Receive alarms when thresholds are breached. Manage devices, reconfiguring the scaling, the time intervals and more. Interface the data to your software applications. Available as a hosted service, Metron VIEWis primarily used in conjuction with our Metron telemetry devices but we can easily integrate with 3rd party hardware.

As the interface is purely web based then all you need to view and export their data is a simple web browser meaning that you have a simple web based data acquisition solution.

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