Underground Tank Monitoring

When you are beneath a metal manhole cover the signal on the GSM network is rUnderground Tank Monitoringeduced. Thanks to the advanced power management of the Metron ATEX the maximum amount of power is delivered to the modem and the maximum signal strength is achieved.

Metron Atex

In addition to this the Metron ATEX has a well tuned antenna maximising the signal strength and giving you the best chance of success.

Many installations are working well underground reporting over GPRS on a daily basis, even when the measured signal strength is very poor.

How Powelectrics can help

Powelectrics are able to offer sim cards on a variety of different networks thereby increasing the possibilities further. Different networks work on different frequencies and the lower frequency bands have better penetration underground.

If you would like more information regarding our Underground Tank Monitoring systems or the Metron Atex then contact our office today 01827 310 666.