Telemetry Monitoring System

Using the Metron for remote tank level monitoring

The use of telemetry for remote tank level monitoring reduces Telemetry Monitoring Systemdistribution costs and improves customer service. By automatically measuring the amount of product within a storage tank, you can: 

  • Increase delivery volumes and reduce part load returns
  • Improve customer service and confidence
  • Initiate proactive delivery scheduling
  • Eliminate run outs and emergency deliveries
  • Minimize order processing errors
  • Reduce man power and unattended deliveries

Several factors have caused the cost of transporting product in bulk to escalate, whereas the cost of telemetry has reduced and Telemetry Monitoring Systemcoupled with the advancements in technology, this makes the solutions more viable.  The GSM network allows easy installation without the need of a fixed phone line and ensures complete control with improved reliability so you do not have to rely on someone physically checking the level or forgetting to take a reading as tank levels are automatically read by a machine. In turn, the automated measurements will enable the supplier or vendor to control the amount delivered and arrange the time of delivery to suit your requirements, so they become responsible for managing customer supplies. 

The number of people involved in the inventory management process is reduced as is the number of mistakes and accidents; for there will be no need to climb on top of the tanks to check levels hence there is a lesser risk of employee injuries and compensation claims. 

Telemetry Units

The METRON from Powelectrics is capable of monitoring 4 tanks with just one telemetry unit.  The unit is self powered with a 5 year battery life and uses the GSM mobile phone network which simplifies installation and is user friendly.  The device is flexible as there are variations to suit both large and small tanks.  It is easy to test which gives you full confidence of a working system before you leave the site and it also includes temperature monitoring. 

As a company, Powelectrics have been providing data communication solutions to a wide range of industries across 5 continents for over 15 years and have witnessed the advances in wireless based telemetry at first hand. Powelectrics can supply the sensor, the telemetry outstation, the sim card, installation and maintenance and also the data hosting, which leaves you to do what you are good at. Powelectrics offer you a complete solution.

Tank Level Sensors

We have within our portfolio level sensors, including hydrostatic level sensors, ultrasonic level sensors and radar level sensors.  The Metron wakes up periodically, powers the sensorTelemetry Monitoring System and takes a reading. The readings can be sent either directly to your mobile phone or they can go to 'Gateway' so you can view the readings over the internet and receive alerts by email and text message if the tank level gets low.

Proximity sensors for the food industry

Contrinex has developed a range of rugged inductive proximity sensorsproximity sensors that has been specifically designed for dealing with the hazardous environments found in the food industry.  Although the food handling process itself does not always present an aggressive environment, the cleaning and wash-down routines required to meet hygiene standards usually involve caustic chemicals that can cause severe damage to control sensors.

When a production line is stopped due to failure the in-process products often have to be scrapped and, in many cases, the line has to undergo a time consuming cleaning routine before it can be re-started.  In addition to being extremely expensive, these delays put pressure on production managers to make up quota targets and deadlines after repairs are completed.



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