Data Acquisition Systems

Data Collection and Presentation

Data Acquisition Systems

View your data on a PC or smart phone. Interface your data to your existing software applications. Use our hosted service or run on your own servers. Can be used with Powelectrics telemetry/M2M devicesas well as 3rd party hardware.

The Metron View software platform is a modern, scalable, fault-tolerant application for the internet that runs on anything from a single, small computer to a large cluster, depending on your requirements. Metron VIEW is made up of three components: the receiver, the database management system (DBMS), and the web site.




Details of our Data Acquisition Systems

How Metron VIEW works

The receiver part of Metron view catches the readings from the telemetry units and stores them in a database. Each receiver can handle hundreds of requests per processor with a very small memory footprint. For large scale deployments we simply add more receivers.

The data base management system is highly reliable and scalable. We can use existing infrastructure or a single instance of SQL express for a small installation, or multiple fault tolerant nodes with load balancing and read only copies for large mission critical systems.

Our data collection options are designed to suit you, providing you with a practical and affordable telemetry solution that can fit in with your business needs. We have: software that can be installed on your servers and interface to your ERP systems; a hosted solution so you can view your data in a simple web browser over the internet; solutions that can collect your data and provide a feed into your SCADA system, for example using an OPC interface; the capabilitiy to provide you with smart phone applications. The options are almost endless so please contact us to discuss your requirements further.

Data Acquisition Systems

Data Acquisition Software

We have available different options for gathering and presenting your data including web based data acquistion systems, server based software and complete SCADA systems. We can offer a complete package or simple data transfer systems that give you the power & control to manage your telemetry yourself.

Our telemetry outstations can communicate wirelessly using the GSM / GPRS to internet servers where the data can be decoded and presented on the internet.

For higher level users data can be transferred from the data collection servers to their own servers an integrated into their own applications.

The use of internet based data presentation techniques means that data can be viewed from any computer, anywhere across the globe.

Data Acquisition Solutions

Our data acquisition solutions have been designed to improve your ROI.

  1. Wireless communications makes installation quick and easy - METRON units are easily installed by tanker drivers in minutes, with no access to the customer premises.
  2. Multiple inputs means just one device is needed on multiple tank sites - you may not have many multiple tank sites but even just a few can increase the hardware requirement in your project.
  3. Multiple inputs means you only need one sim card for each site.
  4. GPRS communications means the lowest cost possible - text messages may not cost much but they cost something. GPRS is free.
  5. GPRS communications means you can have a tank level readings every day, not once a week. Consumption can be unpredictable so daily transmissions ensure you keep this unpredictability under control.
  6. Long battery life means maintenance is kept to a minimum.
  7. Long battery life means you can have tank level readings every day.
  8. Flexible software offerings means you are not burdened with expensive long term contracts.

For more information regarding our Data Acquisition Systems contact us direct on 01827 310 666 or fill out our online enquiry form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. 

Metron2 Remote Monitoring System

The Metron2 Remote Monitoring System makes remote monitoring simple and affordable, whatever your application, wherever your location, wherever your equipment is, whatever your industry. The Metron2 Remote Monitoring System interfaces to your sensors, periodically taking readings and transmitting them over the mobile phone network.

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