Web Inventory Management

Web Inventory Management is made possible by using a level sensor, a telemetry device and a web based data presentation solution. We offer a wide range of sensors that will interface to our Metron wirefree telemetry devices that in turn can communicate using GPRS to our web based SCADA systems.

Web Inventory Management Solution

We can offer a complete Web Inventory Management solution, whether it is software running on your own servers or a hosted system where you view the data via the internet. Data can be interfaced into your ERP or SCADA package delivering benefits into the heart of your business. 

Web Inventory Management Experience

With two decades of Web Inventory Management experience in a wide range of applications and an excellent product portfolio, we are sure to have a solution that meets your needs. We supply Web Inventory Management units all over the world.

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use telemetry to reduce operating costs

Remote Tank Level Monitoring

If you distribute or collect gases, liquids, powders or granules in bulk, then Powelectrics can offer you a remote monitoring solution. Our tank level monitoring projects include fuel oil, biofuels, AdBlue, lubricants, coolants, cryogas, LPG, waste products, chemicals including water additives, agrochemicals, animal feeds, food and beverages. We offer bespoke solutions for environments with an explosive atmosphere (ATEX).
    View data securely online using our web based platform.
    Receive alarms when tanks are getting empty or full.
    Increase delivery or collection volumes and reduce part load returns.
    Improved customer service.
    Initiate proactive delivery or collection scheduling.
    Detect theft and leaks.
    Provide an audit trail for trend analysis and invoice verification.
    A colour coded mapping system - see what tanks need filling or emptying and their location.

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