Remote Environmental Monitoring

There is often a need to monitor environmental changes and respond quickly – this is where our remote environmental monitoring applications come into their own.

Whether it’s monitoring the flow data of irrigation systems or responding quickly to a flood, our systems are perfect for this level of remote monitoring. We are able to provide a wide range of Remote Environmental Monitoring applications which are designed to save you money and improve efficiency

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Water Level Monitoring and Flood Detection

Using wirefree telemetry for flood detection has never been easier or more affordable. Our Water Level Monitoring systems are ideal for river level monitoring, flood warnings, highways, railways, and even cellars. We can send you alerts when the water level in the river, stream, reservoir, canal or the ground has got too high. We have battery and solar powered systems for locations where power is not readily available.

Our solutions are easy to deploy and can be used in remote locations.

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Environmental Monitoring & Water Telemetry

Our expertise in providing Water Telemetry solutions to the Waste Water and Environmental Industries. With nearly 20 years experience in Water Telemetry look no further than Powelectrics. 

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Remote Irrigation Telemetry

Using the Metron2 Remote Irrigation Telemetry device from Powelectrics you can view flow data via the internet or mobile phone for the centralized monitoring and control of irrigation.

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