Pump Station Monitoring & Control

Powelectrics offer 30 years' experience in sensing, instrumentation and communications. We can recommend and supply sensors from over a hundred quality manufacturers, as well as supplying our own m2m GSM/GRPS hardware and software and interfacing with a broad range of third party monitoring instrumentation and clouds. Powelectrics offer extensive experience in radio telemetry and are official Sigfox partners.
Our IoT telemetry solutions are easily deployed in both water and waste water pumping stations to monitor site power, pump tripped, high level and loss of echo signals. They can alert you when a defined threshold has been crossed or a state has changed, such as a loss of power, if a pump has tripped or if levels are too high. 
There are also some specific application cases below. Click to read the stories:
Powelectrics proprietary Metron4 range of M2M telemetry hardware is robust, afforable, easily installed, straight out of the box. Not only do these IIoT units support 2G, but also 4G (CatM1 & NB1). This means it can be deployed globally, even in geographical areas where the 2G network has been switched off, such as the US and Australia.
Metron4 offers enormous flexibility to add functionality for specific, customer-driven applications. In addition to 4 analogue inputs, there are expansion cards for pulse counting (5 channels) and RS232 and options to develop RS485 and CANBUS interfaces.  Data and alerts are sent wirelessly at user-defined intervals to unlimited authorised users, wherever they have web access... to smart devices, laptops, desktops.

With solar, battery and external power options, compact IP67 enclosure and operational temperatures - 25 to +65°C, Metron4 is extremely versatile. For more information on our robust and reliable Metron4 range of telemetry devices click here.

MetronView is our standalone cloud, with customisable dashboards, reporting & alarms. It is a highly secure and scalable IoT solution, processing millions of readings daily and offers an API, so data can be collected by other data platforms.

MetronView can be integrated with other communication technogies eg NBIoT and LPWAN communication technologies, including Sigfox and LoRa. More here.



Powelectrics Metron4 can be used for control as well as monitoring. eg) We can use relay control to manage pump activity. For example, when the water in a reservoir drops to a user-defined ‘low’ level, our MetronView cloud generates an SMS alarm with a relay change command and sends it to a second Metron4, which is next to a pump.

This switches on the pump. Water is pumped into the reservoir until it reaches a user-defined ‘high’ level. A relay change command is then activated to stop the pump. Regular readings can be taken as often as every 10 minutes with a solar-powered Metron4 device and more frequently if external power is available. The reservoir could equally be a tank and the pump could be pumping contents into or out of the tank.

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