Reservoir Monitoring with Pump Station Control

Service reservoirs are often in very remote locations wire free communication methods make monitoring and control very cost effective. Often power is not available, so solutions using solar or battery powered telemetry monitoring devices such as the Metron2 are ideal.

Reservoir Telemetry

The Metron2 is easily instaled with a suitable level sensor and readings are sent using the mobile phone networks. By using multi-network sim cards we offer the best possible coverage.

We have a hosted data collection platform, Metron VIEW, that can receive the readings and forward alarms. You can view the data via your browser using the internet on your computer, tablet or smart phone.

It is possible to use the system to control your pumps - Metron2's are available with relay outputs and can receive messages from Metron VIEW telling them to change the state.

We can send you alarms if either the transmitter or the receiver fail to communicate.

We offer a low cost, easy to install solution that is not limited by the range of a radio system. We can remotely program the system for you and offer low operational costs.

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