Water Level Monitoring and Flood Detection

Flood Detection

Using wirefree telemetry for flood detection, Water Level Monitoring has never been easier or more affordable. Using a level sensor or a level switch with a Metron2 means you can install Water Level Monitoring systems in locations where there is no power and receives alerts when the level is getting too high for your liking.

The flood detection technology is ideal for river level monitoring, highways, railways, and even in cellars.

Our Telemetry Devices

Powelectrics Water Level Monitoring devices are affordable, flexible, easy to install, configure and test. We can provide all or part of your telemetry system, working with you to give you what you want, with sensors, communications, data collection & presentation and a range of interfaces. We have Water Level Monitoring & Flood Warning devices that can run from batteries, solar cells or other sources of power.


One Water Level Monitoring example is when the Metron2 was used in conjunction with a hydrostaic or ultrasonic level sensor. The Metron2 powers the level sensor once every hour and if the level is above the set point then it transmits an alarm by text message. The Metron2 sends a periodic message as a health check and our sever can alert you should a unit fail to communicate for a day, a few days, a week or whatever.


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Kit for remote flood level monitoring

All you need in one easy to install package.

• Remotely monitor river levels
• Receive alarms if level rises above thresholds
• View historical level data via simple web GUI
• Collect data via API for use in applications & websites
• Solar powered


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Metron2 Remote Monitoring System

The Metron2 Remote Monitoring System makes remote monitoring simple and affordable, whatever your application, wherever your location, wherever your equipment is, whatever your industry. The Metron2 Remote Monitoring System interfaces to your sensors, periodically taking readings and transmitting them over the mobile phone network.

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