Environmental Monitoring & Water Telemetry

We have great expertise in providing Water Telemetry solutions to the Waste Water and Environmental Industries. With nearly 20 years experience in Water Telemetry look no further than Powelectrics. Our Water Telemetry solutions fall under our environmental monitoring branch; there are many applications for environmental monitoring including Water Telemetry Solutions.

Our Water Telemetry Solutions can be used for any application which needs to be able to monitor the level of water or liquid in a specific area container or the level in comparison to a specific point. Here are some examples of how our environmental monitoring can be applied to water telemetry:

Our Water Telemetry applications include:

  • The monitoring of reservoirs
  • Pumping stations for both clean and dirty water
  • Remote meter reading including abstraction meters
  • CSO monitoring
  • Telecontrol for starting and stopping pumps
  • Providing pump inhibit signals

It is essential that we keep an eye on water levels in our reservoirs, pumping stations and other bodies of water, our systems enable remote monitoring of any liquid substance, whether that liquid is waste water or clean water. We can monitor a number of levels of different liquids, monitoring and sending remote alarms if they fall below a certain level or are rising above a certain level. Our environmental monitoring solutions give you the freedom to design a solution specific to your needs. Get in touch and we will advise on the best Water Telemetry system for your issue.      

Environmental Telemetry Systems

Environmental and Water Telemetry can be combined with telecontrol - with outstations interlinked providing intelligent remote control. This means the infrastructure can be maximised, using pipes for storage for example.


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