AdBlue Tank Level Monitoring

By knowing the AdBlue level in your customers tanks then deliveries can be optimised and your customers can enjoy fantastic levels of service. Powelectrics remote tank level monitoring solutions are used extensively in AdBlue tanks with adblue level sensors, telemetry hardware and software based data collection platforms to suit all needs.

The hydrostatic level sensor is ideal for adblue level sensing and is easily dropped in the tank from the top using existing openings. This adblue level sensor has an output proportional to the height of liquid in the tank. The adblue level sensor compensates for the changes in air pressure, accommodates different tank sizes and shapes and provides a very robust measurement. When used in conjunction with the Metron2 device it provides the ideal AdBlue tank level gauge.

The sensors are wired into the Metron2 which is a self contained GSM capable telemetry device which is available in battery, solar and mains powered options. The built in display can act as a local gauge and helps with setup and test. The unit can be programmed to provide readings in your preferred units of measure and can include a linearisation table to cope with irregular tank shapes.

The readings are then sent using the mobile phone networks to a server and we can provided our Metron VIEW software platform giving an easy to use graphical user interface so you can see the tank levels (including the history in a graph) and manage the units. The system allows for the Metron2 devices to be remotely programmed.