Auto Dial Alarm Systems

The Metron2 can easily be used as your Auto Dial Alarm System. It automatically sends text messages directly to your mobile phone if an alarm is triggered, or we can send emails and offer a managed service via our Metron VIEW platform.

GSM Auto Dial Alarm Systems

The Auto Dial Alarm System can be powered from an extral source, or by its own internal battery. The device is easy to configure, either locally from the front screen & keypad, or via the USB port from a computer, or remotely using text messages.

The Auto Dial Alarm System comes in a weatherproof enclosure so you can install it wherever suits you. It will operate from its integral antenna, however you can add an external antenna if necessary. The 4 inputs can all send text message alerts to up to 4 mobile phones. You can connect volt free contacts or voltage signals (up to 10 volts).

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