Remote Condition Monitoring using Industry 4.0

Powelectrics connected sensor solutions for remote condition monitoring benefit many industries by giving early warning of equipment failure. We bring you the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) and Industry 4.0 helping factories get smart improving reliabiluty & productivity.
Remote monitoring and 4.0 production can prevent costly stoppages by identifying the need for maintenance before a breakdown occurs. This value added sevice can be used to retain and win business by offering enhanced service levels and assurances that critical assets will not break down, with the typical consequences of expensive emergency remedial work, lost production time, disappointed customers, penalties or worse.
Powelectrics telemetry solutions can connect thousands of different types of sensors to the internet, giving you secure web based data access through a simple web browser, visible on a computer, tablet or smartphone and they can be used to alert you, when a defined threshold has been crossed or a state has changed. Our condition monitoring solutions are used in many applications, including monitoring security scanning equipment, agricultural machinery, generators and pumping stations to log regular data or to alert you if there was a loss of power, a pump had tripped or levels were too high. Our web based data and alarming capabilties are used increasingly to protect personal property, public safety and the environment in flood defence and the removal of hazardous material in a broad range of environments.
Powelectrics remote monitoring telemetry is used in a growing range of fully-approved rail industry applications, including monitoring lubricant and coolant levels, bearing and rail temperatures, battery chargers and water dosing. With a sturdy, weatherproof enclosure and operational temperatures range from minus 25 to plus 65 degrees centigrade, Metron telemetry is suited to tough environments - even underneath a moving train! Project payback period can be impressive - sometimes under 48 hours! Powelectrics are also extremely proud that a solution used by Virgin Trains incorporating our technology was highly commended at the 2015 Modern Railway Innovation Awards.
Powelectrics can provide all or part of a fully integrated, end to end industry 4.0 telemetry solution including hardware, software, hosted services and sim cards. Powelectrics connected sensor solutions are easy to install & maintain. Powelectrics connected sensor solutions are affordable, flexible and reliable. Devices can use external power, internal battery or solar cell, which means they can be completely self-contained for temporary applications or where there is no power available. They offer integral, low-cost GSM/GPRS communications ATEX options and a high frequency of transmission. Units have an integral display, which helps with setup and test and can be remotely configured via our software. Devices have multiple inputs, so you can use one device/SIM card to monitor several sensors, including  flow sensors, level sensors, temperature sensors, pressure sensors, vibration sensors, environmental sensors  and many more. Powelectrics are also a well-established and reputable sensor distributor, offering sensors from over 100 respected international suppliers.
Powelectrics data collection and viewing platform, Metron View, is a web-based data logger, showing tables and graphs. It can send out alarms by email/text if a defined threshold is crossed or if a device has not reported in. Metron View is easily badged and customised, delivering bespoke reports and data exports and interfacing via an API with existing management & control systems, like SAP. We can work with you to develop a bespoke site for any application. Powelectrics connected sensor solutions can also incorporate low power radio telemetry and PLCs (programmable logic controllers).
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Remote Condition Monitoring

Keeping you factories running 24/7 with a skeleton maintenance team is no easy task but proven technology and Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) is here to help.

Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) solutions from Powelectrics are getting used more and more for Remote Condition Monitoring (RCM), helping our clients get an early indication of asset failure. By taking signals from sensors and transmitting them by various methods we can give users the ability to view the data securely via web browsers, collect the data via API’s and receive email alarms.

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