Remote Condition Monitoring using Industry 4.0/IoT/IIoT/M2M

Remote condition monitoring uses the Internet of Things to monitor key aspects of a process in order to identify poor performance, so that action can be taken before safety, security or productivity is compromised.

Powelectrics offer 30 years of experience in sensing and instrumentation. We empower the Industrial Internet of Things for our customers, by connecting sensors to the cloud. Our technology, combined with the highest quality third party instrumentation and software, is deployed across many industries and is truly global.

Remote condition monitoring can prevent costly stoppages by identifying the need for maintenance before a breakdown, stoppage or incident occurs. Many Powelectrics' customers offer this as value-added sevice to win and retain business by offering enhanced service levels and assurances that critical assets will not break down, along with the usual consequences of expensive emergency remedial work, lost production time, disappointed customers, penalties or worse.

Our solutions are used in a variety of remote condition monitoring applications, globally. Examples include:

  • Oil Condition Monitoring
  • Pumping Stations
  • Temperature for Indoor Crops/Livestock
  • Automated Oil Management
  • Glue Dispense
  • Home temperature, humidity and CO2
  • Rail monitoring (eg saloon/bearing/exhaust temperature, fuel/lubricant levels)
  • Vibration monitoring on machinery and air conditioning equipment

Powelectrics have designed a range of flexible, affordable and reliable telemetry hardware. Click here for more information on the Metron4 range of m2m devices.

MetronView is our standalone cloud, with customisable dashboards, reporting & alarms. Data & alerts can be sent to unlimited users on any web-enabled device allowing multiple stakeholders to benefit from historical & current data. It is a highly secure and scalable IoT solution, processing millions of readings daily and offers an API, so data can be collected by other data platforms. More here.

There are many application stories in the news section on this web site.  For the general news section, please click here. There are also some specific application cases below. Click to read the stories:


Powelectrics are also an established and reputable sensor distributor, offering sensors for factory automation and process control from over a hundred quality international manufacturers. Click here for more information. flow sensors, level sensors, temperature sensors, pressure sensors, vibration sensors, environmental sensors and many more.

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