Manhole Intruder Monitoring

The Metron2 can be used to detect if manhole covers have been lifted and therefore alert you of an illegal entry. As the price of copper rises then so is the incidence of cable theft. The cost of replacing the cable is considerable but also is the disruption to businesses many of which are highly reliant on telecommunications networks. Our Manhole Intruder Monitoring systems can prevent this. 

Whilst systems are in place that detect when a cable has been broken but it doesn’t indicate where. With our Manhole Intruder Monitoring systems you can locate which manhole has been lifted immediately.


Telemetry Monitoring Device

Using a battery powered telemetry device such as the Metron2 in conjunction with a suitable sensor then an alert can be sent whenever the manhole lid is dislodged. This can be used to alert the authorities and apprehend the criminal.

An additional advantage is level monitoring. A level switch or a level sensor could be added to the system so you can monitor for blocked sewers or trend the level over time. We have an ATEX approved remote monitoring device if this is required.

Telemetry Software

Different communication methods can be used to suit your requirements - either a simple SMS to your phone, or if you have a large number to monitor then we have server based software solutions that you can integrate with your other software systems to ensure seamless integration.

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