Multiple tank level monitoring to help with re-ordering

When you have several tanks and it is practical to cable between them then the SPS series level sensor with a battery pwoered Metron2 can help you with re-ordering and planning. The Metron2 has 4 inputs and can therfore monitor 4 tanks which help save money on hardware and communications. The hardware is easy to install and accurate. Data is sent cost effectively using the mobile phone networks and stored on our server. Users access via the intenet using their standard web browser. The system can cope with tanks of any height - we just need to use sensors with the appropriate range.


 "I would thoroughly recommend having a fuel monitor fitted from Powelectrics.  It has saved us a huge amount of time and effort and we are now 100% confident that we will not run out of fuel for our Clubhouse operations.  The monitoring process ensures that timely ordering is undertaken and we have reduced the periods of time that excess fuel is held in stock.  It couldn't be any easier."