Oil Tank Alarm

Thanks to accurate & reputable sensing technology we are able to provide Oil Tank Alarm solutions that can be used to detect if the level in a tank is dropping at a faster rate than expected. We use the SPS series level sensor that can be fitted to any height tank along with a Metron2 that, for example can be solar or mains powered. Our Oil Tank Alarms enable you to monitor your fuel levels remotely, offering piece of mind and instant action if a theft attempt is made. 

"I would thoroughly recommend having a fuel monitor fitted from Powelectrics.  It has saved us a huge amount of time and effort and we are now 100% confident that we will not run out of fuel for our Clubhouse operations.  The monitoring process ensures that timely ordering is undertaken and we have reduced the periods of time that excess fuel is held in stock.  It couldn't be any easier."

The oil tank level readings are sent typically every 10 minutes and alogorthms in the server are able to detect if the level has dropped at a faster rate than expected. The Oil Tank Alarms can be sent by email.

Benefits of an Oil Tank Alarm

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