Remote Sensor Solutions

With over 25 years experience, Powelectrics are a well-established and reputable sensor distributor offering a broad range of sensor solutions for factory automation and process control, including flow sensors, level sensors, temperature sensors, pressure sensors, proximity sensors, optical sensors, laser distance sensors, colour sensors, wind speed sensors, wind direction sensors and many more.

Projects range from automatic inspection of assembled parts to monitoring chemical dosing, condition monitoring of moving objects to level and pressure monitoring in tanks and pipes, checking the colour of bottle tops, or tablets in blister packs to monitoring flow through pumps and preventing them from dry running.

We welcome price and delivery enquiries for standard products. Our highly experienced team can also help you select the right product for your application from over 100 respected international brands. Powelectrics are extremely proud to be exclusive UK distributors for EGE Elekronik and di-soric GMBH.

EGE Elekronik offer a range of flow sensors and level sensors and proximity switches, many of which are designed to withstand extremes of temperature (-230 to +250),  extreme pressure, explosive and corrosive environments.  They work with unusual materials designed to withstand harsh environments like hastelloy, tantal and Teflon (PTFE). EGE are willing to adapt products to specific applications without a commitment to large volumes and often on a one-off basis.
di-soric offer a broad range of laser distance sensors which can measure to sub microns, fork and frame light barriers, colour sensors, high speed label sensors and lighting for vision systems.
For futher information or to discuss your sensor application, please call us on 01827 310 666, use this contact form or send us an email -

Automatic Inspection using Optical Sensors

Powelectrics supply a variety of Optical Sensors for Automatic Inspection. Our impressive array of Optical Sensors have the ability to integrate with vision systems, logic controllers and HMI’s

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Checking LED's using Colour Sensors

The ColorControl MFA  colour recognition system is capable of monitoring and classifying the colour, intensity and function of LEDs. This LED Colour Sensor system automatically testes quickly and reliably

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Colour Sensor Detection

We have available a Colour Sensor Detection system that is ideal for Tax Strip Detection on Cigarette Boxes. The LT1-STB incorporates a long lasting LED light source which is projected onto the tax strip using a fibre optic cable.

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