Wireless Monitoring

Powelectrics have decades of experience in Wireless Monitoring Solutions, manufacturing hardware such as the Metron2 and providing data collection software platforms such as Metron VIEW that make wireless monitoring affordable, easy to install and with low operational costs.

Our Wireless Monitoring devices have been designed with the user in mind, so they are cost effective, easy to configure and easy to install. We can interface to machines in different ways either with the hardware we manufacture or via 3rd party devices.


Whether you are an end user or a system integrator, whether you need hardware, software, hosted services, sim cards or a complete end to end telemetry solution, Powelectrics have the answer. Our innovative Wireless Monitoring systems are affordable, flexible, comprehensive, customisable, reliable and scalable.

  Telemetry and the Internet of Things

Why choose Powelectrics?

Our hardware ranges from battery powered devices to connect to sensors, including units with ATEX approval, through to intelligent RTU’s. We offer sim cards from the world’s leading networks at competitive rates, supported by both market and technical understanding, ensuring you get what you need for your application.

A flexible approach to data collection allows all types of customers to use Powelectrics Wireless Monitoring products. You can choose to use our hosted service and pay us a small monthly fee to collect and present your data for you. Alternatively you can benefit from our open protocol policy to integrate elements of our technology and server-based software with your existing business systems (such as SAP).

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