Supporting radio telemetry

Versanet is a RADIO TELEMETRY system which utilizes the 458MHz delicensed band to communicate analogue, pulse and digital signals between various locations for monitoring and control purposes. Being delicensed means there is no time consuming paperwork required to get approval for use, and systems can be deployed both quickly and cost 

telemetry masteffectively. There are no ongoing running costs and many systems are left unmaintained for many years giving trouble free operation. 

Versanet is highly versatile and the radio telemetry systems can grow to meet changing needs. Inputs and outputs can be added to a node and nodes can be added to a network at a later date.

An example of how Versanet radio telemetry systems can grow to meet your needs was near Whitby. Initially a simple point to point link was installed between Ugthorpe and Sneaton Castle. Then a link was installed between Ruswarp and Esk. Communications was then required between Esk and Sneaton Castle which is possible with minimal hardware additions. Finally there was a need to link Randymere to Esk. Unfortunately direct communications was not possible because of a large hill, so an alternative needed to be provided. It was discovered that Randymere could communicate with Ugthorpe so data could be passed along the chain.

Powelectrics have supported customers helping them maximise the benefits that radio telemetry systems can bring. By understanding the technology and being prepared to get cold and wet in the wilderness our experience and skill has ensured systems are well installed, commissioned and supported.




Telemetry Systems

We connect your sensors to the internet making the data available to you. View on your computer, tablet or smartphone; integrate to other software; configurable alerts. Compatible with tens of thousands of sensors from major manufacturers. Indexed and proven. Ready to use.

Powelectrics award-winning Telemetry Systems take signals from sensors & machines and make the readings available via the internet using web browsers and API’s. We can send alarms if a parameter goes over or under a threshold. The same technology can be used to get data into SCADA systems which is especially good when there are parameters that need monitoring that are a distance from the main network. We provide solutions for environments where there is no power.

Our technology works 'out of the box' and is proven with a wide range of sensors from many different manufacturers in many different applications. Devices can be easily centrally managed meaning the units can be reconfigured by the click of a mouse. We have catalogued hundreds of sensors meaning you can plug and play, deploying your remote monitoring solution with confidence.

Powelectrics Telemetry Systems are proven globally in many different industries. Our Telemetry Systems are not only flexible and reliable but also affordable. Benefit from accurate real time data wherever you are, wherever your equipment is.

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