Sensing and Telemetry Products

Powelectrics design and manufacture affordable Remote Monitoring Products, providing wirefree telemetry monitoring solutions that are used extensively in many Industrial fields. This includes Tank Level & Process Monitoring, Remote Condition Monitoring, Water & Environmental and general Machine to Machine (M2M) applications.

Award Winning Metron2

The innovative & award winning Metron2 device drives down the cost of telemetry monitoring, opening up new projects as well as providing a cost effective alternative to ongoing and existing installations. The Metron2 has been designed to operate across the globe. For the LPG sector we have an ATEX approved battery powered telemetry device available 

With over 25 years experience in the field of remote monitoring, process control and factory automation, Powelectrics have developed an enviable customer base across the globe and have an extensive range of products available including Radio Telemetry Systems and much more.

For more information regarding our Sensing and Telemetry Monitoring Products please contact us on 01827 310 666 or fill out our online enquiry form.

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The Metron 2 is an award winning, flexible, reliable and affordable range of GSM/GPRS telemetry devices, designed, developed and manufactured by Powelectrics. Metron 2 connects thousands of different sensors to the internet, giving you secure web based data access through a simple web browser, visible on a computer, tablet or smartphone and it can alert you when defined thresholds are crossed or a state has changed. Thousands of Metron 2 devices are deployed globally, monitoring data from many sensors including flow, level, pressure, temperature, vibration, noise, wind speed & direction, humidity, pH, contamination etc. They are often used for tank level measurement and for condition monitoring, to give early warning of equipment failure and prevent costly stoppages.
Devices are delivered ready to install with simple instructions and no programming experience is needed. Powelectrics can configure units prior to dispatch or remotely via our Metron View software and they are easily tested on site via the interactive display.

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Metron ATEX

The Metron Atex is a class- leading, reliable and affordable GSM/GPRS telemetry device, designed and manufactured by Powelectrics, for monitoring in ATEX environments. It is suited to a range of applications and is often used for LPG tank level monitoring in ATEX environments to reduce logistics and admin costs and help win business by enhancing customer service, improving safety and addressing environmental concerns. Metron ATEX connects your sensors to the internet, allowing you to view data securely through a simple web browser, visible on a computer, tablet or smartphone. Metron ATEX can alert you when a defined threshold has been crossed or a state has changed.

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With its simple approach to connectivity, Sigfox offers very cost effective hardware and connectivity for IOT & IIOT. Low energy consumption and LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) network it's a great way to connect sensors to the Cloud.

Powelectrics offer a range of Sigfox devices for remote meter reading, remote energy monitoring and remote sensing that are battery powered, weatherproof and easy to deploy.

The Sigfox IOT hardware is compatible with our web based data acquisition solution allowing you to view the readings via easy to navigate web portals as well as receive alarms and even integrate the data into back office computing systems using our easy to use API.

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MetronView  enables you to view data from your sensors on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Receive alarms, interface data into your software applications and remotely configure certain devices. MetronVIEW  is a web based data collection platform, designed and maintained by Powelectrics, for use with Metron2, MetronATEX, MetronR and other telemetry devices. As part of the industrial internet of things, MetronVIEW allows you to see current and historic data from thousands of different types of sensors, securely via a web browser. Data can be viewed as tables and graphs and MetronVIEW can also alert you when a defined threshold has been crossed or a state has changed or if a device has not reported in. There is no limit on the number of users and no limit to how much historical data can be stored. Powelectrics can establish multiple levels of data access within a MetronVIEW user's organisation, meaning that individuals or your own customers will only access the data that they are authorised to view.
MetronVIEW has been designed and is constantly evolving to maximise flexibility and ease of use. It can be used instantly, with no adaptation or it can be customised for your needs, creating bespoke reports and data exports and adding your corporate colours and logos. Using an API, MetronVIEW can interface with existing management & control systems, such as Navision, SAP, SCADA systems and more. Customers may purchase a licence to install MetronVIEW on their own servers.

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MetronR - Radio Networks for Sensors and Meters

MetronR is our simple, low-maintenance range of radio relemetry devices, typically used for remote meter reading and environmental monitoring. The remote meter reading generally covers gas, water and electricity in factories, retail parks and apartments as well as leisure environments like caravan parks. ATEX versions are available for gas metering applications. For environmental monitoring the radio transmitters are available with a range of integral sensors including CO2 sensors, temperature sensors and humidity sensors, or for use with external sensors, using the 4-20mA and 0-10 volts input versions.
Radio transmitters take readings from your meters and send them to a hub which has an RS232/RS485 interface so you can interface your data direclty to BMS, SCADA, PLC's and more. Alternatively Powelectrics offer GSM telemetry solutions which can transmit the meter readings and sensor data over the GSM (mobile phone) network and make it available securely via the internet. This is an extremely cost effective way to monitor multiple data sources, using only one sim card. MetronR is easy to install using simple instructions. No programming experience is needed. It offers an exceptional range and a possible battery life of 10 years. MetronR can be used wth pulse inputs, integral sensors or external sensors.

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MetronTMS - Tank Monitoring System

Powelectrics Tank Monitoring System (MetronTMS) is a web based data collection platform, designed and maintained by Powelectrics specifically for customers who deliver or collect gases, liquids, powders or granules from their customers' tanks in bulk. MetronTMS connects tank level sensors to the internet, via our Metron2 and MetronATEX telemetry devices allowing you to view data securely on a computer, tablet or smartphone. MetronTMS can be used as part of an integrated order processing and logistics planning process, proven to reduce logistics and admin costs and help win business by enhancing customer service, improving safety and addressing environmental concerns.
MetronTMS is suited to all bulk distribution/collection, including fuel oil, biofuels, AdBlue, lubricants, coolants, cryogas, LPG, waste products, chemicals including water additives, agrochemicals, animal feeds, food and beverages. In addition to logging regular levels and archiving unlimited historical data for trend analysis, MetronTMS includes theft and leakage alerts and the facility to set thresholds on individual tanks to alert you when tanks are reaching amber and red alert levels and even predict when individual tanks will need filling, based on recent usage. Colour coded tank locations can be plotted on a map, by postcode, for simple logistics planning. Data may be used to verify delivery dates and quantities for invoice reconciliation and to identify unauthorised deliveries or collections from competitors. MetronTMS will also alert you if a device has not reported in.

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