End to End, Out Of The Box, Telemetry Solutions

With complete ‘end-to-end’ solutions from sensors, gsm telemetry devices, sim cards, data collection/viewing and integration to existing systems (e.g. alarm centres, order processing, delivery scheduling, accounts packages) there is no better choice. Contact us now on 01827 310 666 to discuss your requirements.

Our technology works 'out of the box' and is proven with a wide range of sensors from many different manufacturers in many different applications. Devices can be easily centrally managed meaning the units can be reconfigured by the click of a mouse. We have catalogued  hundreds of sensors meaning you can plug and play, deploying your remote monitoring solution with confidence.

Got a question about our Telemetry Systems?

Sensors We can supply or help you select the right sensors for your application, balancing cost and performance to ensure you get what you need. We have considerable experience and a great network of contacts in the field of level, flow, temperature, pressure, proximity and much more.
Telemetry hardware Our own Metron products suit a wide range of applications, taking signals from sensors and transmitting them wirelessy. With battery and solar powered options we are able to provide cost effective solutions even where mains power isn't available, and even where it is we can help lower the installation costs. For applications that require either more inputs/outputs or more functionality we are able to integrate 3rd party hardware.
 Connectivity Sim cards that can roam, using all the available networks to ensure you get the best reliability whilst at the same time being low cost, low maintenance and with international operability.
 Software Our Metron VIEW software is highly scaleable, capable of communicating with a large number of telemetry devices efficiently.Data can be viewed in tables and graphs, with customisable views with filters and the ability to export. It's quick and intuitive.
 Hosted data
Metron VIEW is available as a hosted service, so you can view your data via your favourite browser over the internet.
 Data on the move It's easy to view your data on your smart phone.
 Data interfacing With various export functions and other interfacing functions data can be interfaced with your existing software solutions. This could be accounting packages, routing and scheduling software or even links into security call centres.



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