Environmental Sensors

We have 25 years experience with an extensive range of environmental monitoring solutions. Our environmental sensors cover a wide range of applications. Here we have showcased a selection of what we have available. Please contact us with details of your environmental monitoring application and we can help find the right solution for you. All of our environmental monitoring solutions are tailored to your business needs.


Wind Speed Wind Direction Temperature Water Level


All of the sensors above are compatible with our Metron2 telemetry products meaning we can supply you with an 'out of the box solution so you can quickly and easily view the readings via the internet. Devices can be easily centrally managed meaning the units can be reconfigured by the click of a mouse. We have catalogued hundreds of sensors meaning you can plug and play, deploying your remote monitoring solution with confidence.

We can send an alarm if a parameter goes over or under a threshold. The same technology can be used to get data into SCADA systems which is especially good when there are parameters that need monitoring that are a distance from the main network. We even provide solutions for environments where there is no power. 



Environmental Monitoring Solutions

We have a great range of Environmental Monitoring Solutions. If you’re looking for environmental monitoring solutions specific to your business please get in touch. You can call us on 01827 310 666 or fill in our contact form below.

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