GSM Auto Dialler

The Metron2 GSM Auto Dialler can work with volt free contact and can provide a wetting voltage once per minute (or however it is programmed, but once per minute is the most frequent it can do) and if there is change of state send a text message to up to 4 mobile phone numbers. If you have large numbers of units then the units can report using GPRS to a server making simplifying management.

GSM Auto Dialler

There are 4 inputs to the GSM Auto Dialler. When an alarm goes off the unit will send a text message to your mobile phone. The unit can be programmed locally or remotely. When local the user has a series of pushbuttons and an LCD display making the process very quick and easy – there is little training involved.

The GSM Auto Dialler unit is normally asleep, with just the processor running and drawing power. Every 60 seconds the unit looks at the 4 inputs to see if there is an alarm. If there is then it powers up the GSM module, waits for it to register on the network and then sends the required text message to up to 4 mobile phone numbers.

The screen allows you to check the status of the inputs, check signal strength and see how the unit is programmed.